Quick And Easy Interchange of Supply Chain Management Messages

Trade Connector offers electronic supply chain management (SCM) message interchange service which can be implemented quickly and effortlessly. Both implementation and monthly operating costs of our services are low.

Now small and medium enterprises (SMEs) have first time ever truly an opportunity to send and receive electronic (EDI) messages between their large business partners. Still the cost of a single business transaction remains at a very reasonable level.

Electronic Message Interchange

Our service concept of Electronic message interchange consists of solution based services delivered for SMEs by software vendors and of tailored services targeted for our direct customers.

Standard Connector

Standard Connector is an integrated solution based electronic message interchange service which will be implemented for a SME by their software vendor.

Professional Connector

Professional Connector is a tailored service for our direct customers including more features due to data translation and e.g. party/product information mapping for each business partner.