Our electronic message interchange services

Our service concept of Electronic message interchange (EDI) consists of solution based services provided for SMEs by software vendors and of tailored services targeted for our direct customers.

All services have similar benefits:

  • quick and effortless implementation
  • monitored translation and transmission of messages
  • a message tracking service
  • low and foreseeable operating costs

Implementation fees of our services are fix priced as well as monthly maintenance fees. Our data transaction invoicing is based on message row amount. Thus it is easy to calculate the cost for message transactions also beforehand.

Service delivered by software vendors – Standard Connector

A service delivered for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is called Standard Connector, which is an integrated solution based electronic message interchange service for supply chain management. Message types support the whole supply chain management process starting from an order message and continuing to dispatch/transportation messages and ending with an invoicing message. Implementation for a SME will be made by your software vendor which means that electronic messaging has been integrated as a part of the application software.
At Standard Connector service we make data translation and transmission to the interface (EDI, standard XML etc.) which either your business partner or their EDI operator manages. Naturally an automated monitoring of message transport including electronic receipts is a part of our service.

Our Router Connector service is also available for you. Cause the service is lacking data translation feature must application software interface be capable to produce/receive a data in a format which either business partner or their EDI operator requires. Invoicing of data transactions is different compared with our other services because transaction fee is fixed.
Ask for more information about services described above from your software vendor or contact us.

Service delivered by us – Professional Connector

We deliver directly to our customers a tailored service called Professional Connector. In addition to features Standard Connector service has Professional Connector service includes more features due to data translation and e.g. party/product information mapping for each business partner. Professional Connector service can be implemented to any industry which has a need for efficient electronic data interchange (EDI).

As an additional service we offer for our direct customers an individual consultancy to survey readiness and the need for electronic message interchange.

Contact us and we will discuss in more detail to make a proposal for you about an electronic message interchange solution of new times.







Standard Connector Features

Professional Connector Features